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Paleo Meals To Go Starts Monthly Newsletter

Hello, Paleo Meals To Go fans and friends.  We’re starting a monthly newsletter with content we hope you’ll enjoy and find useful. Our newsletter will:

Introduce you to our brand ambassadors and other customers who use our products and have awesome adventures to share.

We were first acquainted with Art when he was preparing for his 4200 mile Amazon River trip in a 40′ wooden canoe in 2016. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Art has also traversed volcanoes in Ecuador, climbed Denali, completed Bear Grylls’ intense five-day survival course and set a solo, double-traverse record (at age 65) of Death Valley. He will be climbing Borah Peak in Idaho with TV reality star Jeff Zausch (from Naked & Afraid and Discovery’s Dual Survival) during August’s total solar eclipse. The trip is sponsored in part by Paleo Meals to Go. And to top it off, Art manages to give back to his community by actively volunteering with the Sun City PRIDES and Sun City Hikers groups. We are pleased and proud to have Art on our team!

Our monthly newsletter from Paleo Meals To Go will announce our favorites as well as the newest stores carrying our products.

The very first store to sell Paleo Meals To Go products was Backcountry Experience, which is owned by Ben Rockis and located in Durango, Colorado. Ben’s crew is constantly on the lookout for unique, quality products that help you make the most of your mountain adventures so when we sent some samples down, Ben knew it was a good match. You can find the entire line of Paleo Meals To Go products at this gem of a store, which won Durango’s Best Small Business Award in 2009.

Paleo Meals To Go’s Monthly Newsletter will keep you up-to-date on company news and products.

Coming soon! Our newest product, Paleo Meals To Go Plateau Pineapple Tidbits are healthy snacks when you’re hankering for something sweet. Choose our delicious fruit tidbits for an after-school, on-the-trail or in-the-car snack because our pineapple is freeze-dried, not dried or dehydrated, and freeze-drying retains optimal levels of flavor, nutrients, and the original cell structure of the fresh fruit.

Pineapple is an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese. It is also a very good source of copper and a good source of vitamin B1, vitamin B6, dietary fiber, folate and pantothenic acid. Finally, a crunchy, sweet snack that you can feel good about giving to your kids or enjoying yourself, straight out of the pouch, anytime, any place.

Plateau Pineapple Tidbits are gluten free, grain free, milk free, soy free, nut free, nightshade free, shelf stable, and rich in antioxidants and nutrients. No additives, no preservatives, no added sugars, oils, or sulfur.

Our newsletter will offer helpful trail tips for your next outdoor adventure and announce sales and shipping promotions.

Need an inexpensive alternative to a pack cover? Pack covers are often bulky, heavy and, sometimes, ineffective. Instead of covering the outside of your pack, line the inside of it with a trash compactor bag and keep all gear inside. Trash compactor bags are super waterproof, replaceable, affordable and weigh a fraction as much as a pack cover.

Thank you to our loyal customers for supporting Paleo Meals To Go. We’d appreciate you sharing our emails with your friends and family and helping us spread the word through your social media channels.

Happy trails from everyone at Paleo Meals To Go!

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Home of the Free, because of the Brave

Remember our veterans. Memorial Day- Home of the Free, Because of the Brave

Please remember.  

As we plan our backpacking trips, backyard BBQs, and visits with our family, it’s easy to forget why we get that three-day weekend at the end of May. We often take for granted that we can hop in the car and leave for a short vacation, free to go anywhere we want and do whatever we please.

Paleo Meals To Go would like you to join us in stopping for a few minutes this Memorial Day to remember all those brave men and women who have served our country, who have been separated from their families, who have been injured, or who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and died for their country.

We should also acknowledge the family members of the service men and women, who waited at home for those long days, weeks, and months missing their loved one, or who may be growing up without a dad, or making their way through life without their spouse, or child, or friend.

Let’s make an extra effort this Memorial Day to personally thank a veteran, or their family member, and genuinely express our sincere gratitude. Maybe offer to mow the lawn for an older veteran who lives on your street, or become a mentor to a young person who may be missing a parent. Do something to really show you care, and are genuinely thankful.


Remember our veterans. Memorial Day- Home of the Free, Because of the Brave

Happy trails from everyone at Paleo Meals To Go!

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Paleo Meals To Go Makes PALEOHACKS Top 13 List

13 Best Paleohacks

Paleo Meals To Go was included in the list of 13 Best Paleo Meal Delivery Services released recently by Paleohacks.  The full article can be found at:


Paleo meal delivery services have become increasingly popular during the last few years. With healthy eating on the rise, and the internet e-commerce world blossoming, we’re seeing a brand new batch of meal delivery services.


Paleo Meals To Go is one of them and we made the list!

“Paleo meal delivery service is the next best thing to having a private chef in your kitchen.”

If you saw this blog post, use HACKS15 for 15% off your next order!

Happy trails from everyone at Paleo Meals To Go.

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Paleo Meals To Go Wins Denver’s SBDC Leading Edge Business Plan Competition

SBDC Business Plan Winner

Leading EdgeTM

The Colorado SBDC’s strategic planning series, LEADING EDGE™, delivers comprehensive training to small businesses by providing entrepreneurs with a better understanding of starting and operating a small business. The program has courses geared to help both start-up and existing businesses in the areas of finance, marketing, management and more.

The program is offered statewide and over 3,000 businesses have participated in this intensive, specialized training series since the program’s inception in 1989. While a typical LEADING EDGE™ series meets once a week over 10-15 weeks, the series may differ in format from center to center.  Five-day intensive bootcamps or a 9-month extended coaching programs are sometimes offered. All LEADING EDGE™ courses involve approximately 36 hours of intensive training facilitated by state-certified instructors.

LEADING EDGE™ courses are highly interactive, which ensures the flow of information not just from the instructor, but between participants as well.

LEADING EDGE™ participants graduate from the program with a completed business plan in hand. Graduates are invited to a statewide ceremony at the Governor’s Mansion each spring, where prizes are awarded to the top plans in the state.

Paleo Meals To Go Wins Local Level Competition


SBDC Denver Leading Edge Graduation

Paleo Meals To Go was announced the 1st place winner for the Denver SBDC LEADING EDGE™ class at the graduation ceremony held at Que Bueno Suerte (1518 S. Pearl Street, Denver, CO) on Thursday, April 13.  The top three business plans from Denver’s SBDC will advance to the state competition.

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Need Easy, Nutritious Food While Blacktail Deer Hunting?

Blacktail Deer Hunting in Alaska photo

When Paleo Meals To Go customer Larry Lewis needed easy, nutritious food for his hunt, he chose Paleo Meals To Go.  Larry sent in these great photos from his Akalura Lake, Kodiak, Alaska Blacktail Deer Hunt.


We’re happy our meals worked well for you, Larry, and thanks for the great testimonial:

I tried the gluten and nut-free Paleo Meals To Go for the first time while on a recent Blacktail deer hunting trip near Akalura Lake, Kodiak.  I loved them!

My buddies and I are all long-time Alaskans so we hunt hard and tent camp with light fly-in gear.  We often hunt in near or sub-zero weather in extremely remote and mountainous areas and pack the meat we harvest back to camp on our backs. So, we are usually ready to eat anything and everything not bolted down or frozen solid come nightfall.

Many freeze dried meals I’ve tried over the years didn’t taste much better than the C rations I ate in the military.   I found that these meals are easy and quick to prepare and they rehydrate nicely.  Paleo Meals To Go go down easy, taste great and have the added benefit of actually being nutritious!  I try very hard to eat gluten, nut and soy free and as generally clean as possible so really appreciate the makers of this product going the extra mile to cater to the healthy eating lifestyle.

I will absolutely use these meals again.

Larry L.–December 30, 2016

Anytime you are outdoors and need a hot, delicious, nutritious meal, Paleo Meals To Go is a great option.

Happy trails from everyone at Paleo Meals To Go.

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Simple And Quick Paleo Diet Recipes To Make On The Go


Wow, talk about a great article with excellent recipe ideas for busy Paleo folks!  Check out Karen Reed’s article, “Simple And Quick Paleo Diet Recipes To Make On The Go“.

When Content Editor Julia Francis from Positive Health Wellness contacted us about sharing this article, we were so excited to do so because these recipes are top notch.  Here’s the opening paragraph from Karen’s article:

“When you’re on the go, you want quick meals to make. The problem is that so many traditional quick meals aren’t paleo friendly. They include bread and pastas that you’re not allowed to have.

So, that means looking for something more paleo specific. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find some excellent and delicious paleo diet recipes that are super quick and simple. You can make them on the go or prepare them beforehand to eat while you’re out.

Now you just have to decide what you want to enjoy for your next meal. Here’s a look at 8 must-have recipes for your back pocket.”

and look at the beautiful food photography!



Classic Steak and Eggs photo

Thanks, Julia Francis, for the opportunity to share this great article.  

Happy trails from everyone at Paleo Meals To Go!

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Paleo Meals To Go Provides Food For Havasu Falls Adventure

Videographer Doss Ramsey put together this video of a trip he and two of his friends took to Havasu Falls. Paleo Meals To Go provided the food for their Havasu trip.  Check out the beautiful pictures of the falls as well as photos of PMTG products while listening to The Analog Affair’s awesome song, Feel Your Fire.


Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is located 1½ miles (2.4 km) from Supai. It is the more famous and most visited of the various falls along Havasu Creek. It consists of one main chute that drops over a 90-foot (27 m) to 100-foot (30 m) vertical cliff into a series of plunge pools. High calcium carbonate concentration in the water creates the vivid blue-green color and forms the natural travertine dams that occur in various places near the falls.

Due to the effects of flash floods, the appearance of Havasu Falls and its plunge pools has changed many times. Prior to the flood of 1910, water flowed in a near continuous sheet, and was known as Bridal Veil Falls. The notch through which water flows first appeared in 1910, and has changed several times since. Water currently flows as one stream. In the past, there were sometimes multiple streams, or a continuous flow over the edge.(Wikipedia)

Background music

The Analog Affair -“Feel Your Fire” used with permission. Thanks, Evan & Cody!

Stream/Follow The Analog Affair-

Paleo Meals To Go Provides Food For HaVASU ADVENTURE

Paleo Meals To Go Product Photography

Product Photography by Annette Slade Photography, Inc.
Facebook: Annette Slade Photography, Inc.
Instagram: #sladephoto

Paleo Meals To Go Provides Food

Paleo Meals To Go, creator of gluten-free, soy-free, milk-free, grain-free, preservative-free, additive-free backpacking meals, provided food for this epic adventure.

Twitter: @paleomealstogo
Pinterest: @paleomealstogo
Google+: @paleoemealstogo

Doss Ramsey - Havasu Falls- Paleo Meals To Go Provides Food
Doss Ramsey – Havasu Falls

Thanks, Doss Ramsey, for submitting this video to Paleo Meals To Go! We encourage our customers to contact us if you’d like to submit a video to Paleo Meals To Go, by emailing us at: [email protected]

Check out all our products on our website at:  Happy Trails.

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Hunting for the best present ever for the outdoor enthusiast in your life?


Holiday Inventory Blowout 2016

We’re clearing inventory and have reduced prices to $9.00 on all our meat meals and to $6.00 on our near expiration date breakfast meals. These breakfasts have 4-5 more months before they reach their “Best By” dates. Check out Butte Cacao Banana, Cliffside Coconut Berry and Palisade Pineapple Mango. Gluten free, soy free, milk free, grain free, preservative free, additive free, shelf stable, freeze-dried deliciousness! Supplies are limited and the sale is over when the inventory is gone.

As a Paleo Meals To Go blog reader, we are offering you an additional 12% discount, off the already-reduced price, if you use this coupon code:


These meals make great gifts for the person on your list who spends a lot of time in the outdoors. We provide the best in class, freeze-dried Paleo meals to those on a path less traveled. Wherever our customers go, Paleo Meals To Go gets them there.

Order by noon Dec. 17, 2016 for Christmas delivery. Free USPS Priority Mail shipping on orders over $75. Delivery to most areas in the continental US in 3 days, however we can make no guarantees due to high holiday shipping volume.






Best wishes to all our customers for a happy holiday season and for a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2017.

Happy trails from everyone at Paleo Meals To Go!

Nine Great Products, Blowout Prices
Best. Present. Ever.
The Hunt Is Over!

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Winter Storage Tips For Your Backpacking Gear

Winter Storage Tips for your Outdoor Gear
Don’t put them away for the winter looking like this!

Winter Storage Tips For Your Backpacking Gear

If using hermetically-sealed space bags after being professionally cleaned isn’t in your budget, try these inexpensive tips to ensure your gear is safely stored for the winter.

Sleeping Bags

Wash and dry thoroughly, allowing to air out for an additional 24 hours before storing.
Store inside away from mice, bugs, and moisture at room temperature, in a roomy laundry bag or pillow case. Compression is the worst enemy.
Throw in some dryer sheets for a pleasant smell.


Remove all food items.
Clean in a soapy tub of water, rinsing and drying thoroughly.
Hang on a broad wooden peg to avoid permanent crease in haul loop.

Hiking Boots

Clean them after every hike and keep them dry and at room temperature when not in use.
Store in airy spot with laces loose and remove inner sole. A good anti-fungal powder helps.
Industrial glues will degrade under high heat, so always air dry at normal temperatures.


Tents must be completely dry to avoid mold and mildew growth.
Remove all food particles to discourage mice.
Store loosely packed or hanging.

Hiking Clothes

Clean, dry, and place in sealed bags, especially clothes with natural fibers like wool.
Dry cleaning will kill bugs and their larva, but so will freezing for 2-3 days and it’s free!
Store in plastic totes or trash bags. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all air from bag.

General Guidelines

Outside storage sheds, basements and attics are generally off limits for storage since they have all the problems, i.e., extreme temperatures, bugs, rodents and moisture.
If anything is going to be where the freezing weather can get to it, remember, liquids will freeze, break open, and ruin surrounding articles.
Anything stored in a container with soap bars will smell like a soap bar when it comes out in the spring — and soap flavored Paleo Meals To Go are terrible.


If you don’t venture out during the cold months, we hope these winter storage tips for your outdoor gear are helpful. If you do, dress warmly and take extra precautions to stay hydrated.

Happy Trails from everyone at Paleo Meals To Go!

Check out the full article by Hugh Bouchelle, Contributor | Posted Dec 3rd, 2014 @ 11:58am

Winter Storage Tips for your Outdoor Gear

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See’s article: Survive An Avalanche by Peter Rugg had a great article entitled “Out Alive:  Survive An Avalanche”.  Definitely a good read. – See more at:

Adam Herman, 24, and Conor Lodge, 22, were caught in an avalanche in Tuckerman Ravine on New Hampshire’s Mt. Washington on December 28, 2013 but they survived it.
Avoid terrain sloped between 30 and 45 degrees (1), as well as gullies and ravines. Better bet? Get prepared by taking an Avalanche Level I class near you. But, if you are caught in a slide, you should know how to minimize the danger of being buried. Memorize these tips from Richard Riquelme, a certified guide and avalanche instructor with the American Alpine Institute in Washington. –Josette Deschambeault


Assume the whitewater position: feet downhill and in a sitting position to absorb shocks of obstacles. Ditch poles, ice axes, or skis, and use your hands and arms in a swimming motion to move toward the surface and stay there.


When the avalanche slows down, get your palms up by your forehead, elbows out, and start creating a cocoon around your face. Take a deep breath and hold it—the more your lungs can expand, the better. When the avalanche stops, you’ll have more space to breathe in the pocket you created. Space is time, and time increases the odds of rescuers finding you before it’s too late.


Need more info? Click here to access’s complete archive of avalanche content.

Thanks to Peter Rugg and for the interesting and educational article.  Also see his article @readersdigest entitled: The Sign Said Low Avalanche Danger. The Sign Was Wrong.”

Happy trails from everyone at Paleo Meals To Go.  Enjoy the snow but be safe~